miraDry is an out-patient, office based procedure to eradicate axillary sweat gland there by elimination sweating and perspiration, the need to wear deodorant and anti-perspirant, and the occurrence of clothing stains, additional side effects of elimination of most axillary hair regardless of hair color.

"I had the miraDry done on under arms. It's one of the best things I ever did. It was done on a Wednesday and was in Miami FL with 90* weather on Friday. I was Sweating from head to toe but my under arms where dry and no odor. I'm now 6 months out and still haven't had to use any deodorant and there is no sweating under my arms or odor. Dr. Dawson and his team were awesome. They talked me through everything and kept me aware of what they where doing. Thanks a bunch. I'm one happy girl."

Donna F.
Cincinnati, Ohio


Cosmetic procedures done to change one’s appearance that are typically not covered by insurance, ie. Laser skin tightening, laser hair removal, Obagi Skin Care and Obagi Blue Peel.


Repair defects or restore lost function that are typically covered by insurance, i.e., tumors, trauma, lesions.

Skin Lesions and Skin Cancer

Skin lesions excision of abnormal pigmented lesions, moles or nevi, lipomas, sebaceous cysts, scalp cysts etc.
Skin cancer including basal cell, squamous cell, and malignant melanoma, excisions and primary closures, skin graft and flap reconstructions of defects.


I wanted to provide you with feedback from my recent experience with Dr. Dawson. My PCP recommended Dr. Dawson for treatment of a facial skin lesion. I had a positive experience wilth Dr Dawson many years back so I was happy with the referral. Dr.Dawson listened very intently to all my concerns and took detailed notes by hand which is very refreshing in today's medical environment. We discussed my overall health and well being. Day of surgery Dr. Dawson sketched very carefully exactly where his incision would be located and being an outstanding plastic surgeon followed my natural facial lines to conceal my small scar. My opinion is Rank O. Dawson is the best plastic surgeon anywhere! Thank You!

Terrence S. Monroe 

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery procedures on soft tissues, not bones, like trigger finger release, compression neuropathy releases, i.e., carpal tunnel release, cubital tunnel release, Guyon’s canal release, etc; excision of ganglion cysts; drainage of paronychial infections.